Our Careteam

Michelle Yutzy
Michelle Yutzy joined the Kalona Veterinary Clinic in August 2019. She works as one of our full time receptionists. She was born and raised in Kalona and continues to live here currently. She has studied at Kirkwood and is currently attending the University of Iowa to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Social work.
She currently does not own any pets, but hopes to soon! She has a big spot in her heart for Vizslas, Pugs, and Bulldogs. Michelle also grew up catching chickens, riding horses, and owning a plethora of other pets such as a parakeet, turtles, hamsters, and multiple dogs. In her free time, she enjoys watching reality TV, going to Illinois to see her boyfriend, and folding laundry. Beware, she has a minor self diagnosed form of OCD. She spends her days at the clinic taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, and checking in patients. Her favorite part of the job is getting to interact with farmers and asking them how the pigs are doing.
Amanda Kron
Receptionist- Part Time
Sarah Berg
Registered Veterinary Technician
Sarah Berg joined the Kalona Vet Clinic in March of 2015. She graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program with an A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology in 2013. She performs dental procedures, monitors anesthesia, assists the doctors with appointments and handling the animals, she also spends most of her days in the lab! She has three cats, two dogs and two horses. She also enjoys riding them on trails and around the farm. Sarah loves spending time with her husband Craig and son Henry.
Letha Yoder
Letha Yoder serves as the bookkeeper at the Kalona Veterinary Clinic and has worked part time off and on at the clinic with her husband Dr. Yoder for over 30 years. Letha takes care of the financial aspects of running the clinic, along with helping at the front desk, answering the phones when needed and staff scheduling. She enjoys taking care of her grandsons Price, Ethan, Sam and Eli. She also enjoys activities such as reading and gardening.
Brooke Kreiss
Registered Veterinary Technician
Brooke Kreiss first started working at the clinic on internship while in the Veterinary Technician Program at Kirkwood Community College. After completing her internship, she went back to finish the last year of the program and graduated in 2018 with her A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology. Brooke is the daughter of Brad and Diana (Smith) Kreiss. While most of her childhood was spent in Riverside, her family moved to Ainsworth and built a house out in the country South of Highland High School where she graduated with honors in 2015. Brooke has one older brother, Trent, a cat with no name, and an Australian Shepherd/Basset hound mix named Finn. She loves spending quality time with her friends and family. She likes to stay active through a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities like kayaking. She also enjoys drawing, listening to music, playing video-games, napping, and Netflixing.
Annette McGaffey
Annette McGaffey has been working as one of our receptionist since June of 2018. She was born and raised in the Kalona area and graduated from Pathway Christian School. She has always loved animals and says it is a dream come true to be working in a vet clinic! She has two younger sisters, Megan and Danae, and has two dogs, Milla, a black lab mix, and Tauna, a pomsky. In her free time, she loves reading, spending quality time with her family, and hanging out with her friends. Annette spends her time at the clinic answering phone calls, making appointments, greeting customers as they come in and keeping the place organized. One of Annette’s favorite things is to see the vast variety of animals that make their way through our door!