Forgo Forgetting Fido in the Ford!

Leaving pets in the car is something that is hot news now. And the science is something we are all familiar with.  We all have been subjected to, our parents or a friend leaving us to sit in a car while they just run in and finish a quick errand. This is really true to … Continue reading »

February – Dental Health

Bad breath and yellow teeth are just some of the outward signs of what could be a bigger problem. Yes, February is pet dental health month! But dental health is often a sign of other health issues. It can affect their kidneys, liver or heart!  American Veterinary Dental Society states that 80% of dogs and … Continue reading »

How do you pick a new pet?

So a new year and a new addition? If you didn’t get the pet under the tree like you wanted, are you thinking of purchasing or adopting a dog? My family added our dog Ferguson to the family what would be 12 years ago just next month. We did a lot of research on what … Continue reading »

Make sure your pet stays safe during the holiday!!!

Click on the link to see a graphic of 7 holiday pet hazards!!!  Do you know how to keep your pet safe during the holidays? Are there any of these that surprise you?  (Source. 7holidaypetdonts